Quality Assurance


The objective of a Quality Assurance Program is to raise and maintain the quality of service delivered without increasing costs. When standards are established and a plan to achieve them is formulated, goals and expectations can be met.

Initial Step

Based on current service specifications and an assessment of the cleaning program, weights are assigned to each task. Expectations are explored and agreed upon, then a plan for observation is implemented. A hand held device is programmed with each task to record results in order to establish benchmarks.

Inspection Process

Deficiencies as well as efficiencies are observed for quality and compliance to establish benchmarks. On a monthly basis, the results of the inspections are recorded in order to view trends. Each inspection is available online to allow each manager to view results, status and the progress of the cleaning quality.


Based on the information gathered, trends are observed and a solid corrective action plan is established that will enable the cleaning contractor to address small problems before they become large problems. The monthly quality audits will ultimately help achieve long-term results.